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We’ll give you clear answers about your options, your chances of a dismissal or a deferral arrangement, our fees, the time the process takes, as well as the fines and costs you might ultimately have to pay.

If you just got a ticket, and your initial court date is still at least three days away, we'll take care of it for $40 in Dallas. If you have more than one Dallas ticket, we offer even deeper discounts.

Representation in cities surrounding Dallas is an additional $30.00. For tickets from cities and counties contiguous to Dallas County our prices are just a little higher; you can call 214 575 6060 and we'll give you an estimate over the phone.

For a precise quote, click on Hire Us! and fill out our form. If you have a warrant, we’ll post a surety bond to lift it, set you on the attorney docket, represent you in court and seek a dismissal or negotiate a favorable plea arrangement to keep the citation off your record!

Texas municipal courts and justice of the peace courts hear class C misdemeanor criminal cases, including traffic violations, for which the maximum fine, upon conviction, does not exceed $500, and for which no jail sentence may be assessed. They also hears cases involving violations of city ordinances, which may have fines up to $2000 for certain offenses.

So, if you’ve been cited to appear in court and you want a lawyer to defend you against one or more traffic charges, municipal ordinance violations, or class A, B or C misdemeanors contact us today!

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I Was Very Pleased With The Outcome

I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. I received a speeding ticket, and even though I still had to pay a fine, Winocour Law made a deal that after the fine was paid my case was dismissed. Nice that it didn't go on my record because I drive for a living. Communication and customer service was great! Also was affordable. I highly recommend. Thank you Winocour Law!
—Kevin E.

Best Traffic Ticket Law Firm In Dallas

Winocour Law kept several tickets from going against my driving record for a most reasonable fee. Winocour Law may very well be the best traffic ticket law firm in Dallas, Texas.
—Robert E.

Dismissal Of All Charges

Mr. Winocour and his staff were very helpful and supportive throughout my case. I had some legal issues that I very much needed help with as there were extenuating circumstances that made the case more complicated than it should have been. Mr. Winocour is knowledgeable, and did a great job of negotiating a dismissal of all charges. I'm very pleased with the results he was able to get for me. I highly recommend Winocour Law!

I Highly Recommend!!!

Awesome outcome... I had 3 tickets and they got them ALL dismissed. Great communication from beginning to end! I highly recommend!!!!
—Cory E.


My wife got a ticket for "obstructing emergency vehicles" and they took care of it . I paid $50 for the service and they were able to reduce the fine by about $30. So, the real cost of hiring Winocour Law was just $20. Amazing!!!!
—Bishal B.

Thanks Winocour!

Being a senior citizen, I had traffic tickets from way back and didn't know where to turn to get help in solving/paying. I found Winocour Law on the internet and decided to try to get my problem resolved. It has been great. Now I can take the written test and driving test to get my license. It will be enjoyable to drive a vehicle. Something I haven't done in 7 years. Thanks Winocour!
—Carolyn T.

Winocour handled EVERYTHING!

Winocour handled EVERYTHING when I got my speeding ticket. It was a great way to delegate work I didn't have time to do. The firm was very quick and always available to answer all of questions and more. I'd definitely use him again.
—Paige C.

They've Been Outstanding

I used this firm to resolve a citation my son received. They've been outstanding through the entire process and help get his fine reduced. The fees are very reasonable. I would definitely recommend this firm to friends and family.
—Robert K.

Best Law Firm In Dallas!

This is the best Law firm in Dallas. I did not have to go to court all was take care of for me. I did not have to miss work. They were honest and friendly. They were straight forward with me. If I ever find myself in this predicament again I know who to call. You are awesome!
—Carrie D.

Best In Town!

Best in Town! They are honest, dedicated and have excellent service. If you need an attorney this is your law firm. They will be honest and give you the best service. Communication is always there. I'm very pleased with the services I received and will recommend them to anyone.
—Minerva M.
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