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Request for Quotation & Attorney/Client Contract

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If you don't know, just enter a random number. We should be able to find them with your name, date of birth, and license or ID number, assuming you can recall where they were issued. Even if you can't recall we can probably dig them up!


CLIENT hereby employs Winocour Law, hereinafter known as ATTORNEY, to represent CLIENT for the Class “C” citations identified above. 

In consideration of such representation, CLIENT agrees to pay to ATTORNEY a non‐refundable agreed upon fee per violation plus any additional agreed upon fees which may arise during representation. 

CLIENT understands and agrees the above fee DOES NOT include a trial. 

CLIENT understands that this contract is limited to the offenses listed above. 

CLIENT understands that it can take up to seven (7) business days for a warrant to be lifted depending on the court in which the warrant is located.

CLIENT consents to the association of counsel.

CLIENT authorizes ATTORNEY, or Associated Counsel, to sign CLIENT's name to any documents necessary in the course of representation. 

CLIENT authorizes ATTORNEY, or Associated Counsel, to enter a plea for CLIENT's case(s) if CLIENT is not present in court.

CLIENT agrees to pay any fines, court costs, and expenses which may be assessed or charged in the above case(s). 

CLIENT understands if any fines or court costs assessed in the above case(s) are not paid by CLIENT, a warrant will be issued for CLIENT's arrest.

If CLIENT violates any of the contractual terms, or pursues unlawful activity, ATTORNEY may withdraw.

CLIENT agrees to provide ATTORNEY the original or a readable copy of each citation/ticket for the identified charges, or sufficient information concerning the citation/ticket so as to permit ATTORNEY to identify the charges CLIENT is retaining ATTORNEY to defend.

CLIENT understands the following: A plea of guilty or a deferred disposition may have immigration consequences.

NOTE: A plea of “guilty” or “no contest” may result in deportation. Immigration is a specialized field of law, and this contract does not cover advice in immigration law.

CLIENT waives his/her right to a trial and requests ATTORNEY to obtain the best plea bargain agreement s/he can obtain on CLIENT's above case(s). 

CLIENT agrees to pay the fee(s), or charge(s), assessed within the time allowed. 

CLIENT understands CLIENT may be required to be present in court or risk convictions on CLIENT'S record.

CLIENT agrees to deliver to ATTORNEY any proof (e.g. current insurance and insurance at the time of offense, inspection, registration) or other evidence, to aid in the management of CLIENT's case, within 24 hours of signing this contract. Failure to comply may result in a plea bargain agreement, wherein CLIENT may be found guilty or granted deferred disposition, and a fine assessed.

CLIENT agrees to be notified by EMAIL, FAX, and/or TELEPHONE for all court settings and court results given to ATTORNEY.

CLIENT has never entered a guilty plea or a no contest plea (nolo contendere) nor has CLIENT made any other arrangements with the court for any of the citation(s) which CLIENT hereby employs ATTORNEY to handle.

CLIENT agrees to pay any deferral fees, court costs, and other fines including taking defensive driving if ordered by the court. If defensive driving is required, CLIENT is responsible for scheduling classes and following up with the orders of the court.

CLIENT promises to inform ATTORNEY of any change in CLIENT's address or phone numbers. CLIENT understand failure to do this may cause CLIENT to lose a procedural right or even CLIENT's entire case, which might result in a warrant being issued for CLIENT's arrest. Changes of address or phone number must be submitted in writing to ATTORNEYs offices.

CLIENT agrees to contact ATTORNEY if CLIENT receives any item or document from the court or a collection agency related to the case(s); CLIENT also agrees to provide the item or document to ATTORNEY within twenty‐four(24) hours of receipt.

CLIENT understands his/her case(s) may not get dismissed; 

CLIENT understands deferred adjudication/probation require payment of additional fees to the court.

CLIENT understands no part of the fee is refundable for any reason.

CLIENT agrees to appear at the specified time, place and date of each court date. 

CLIENT understands any of the following may result from a missed court date:

(a) A warrant for CLIENT's arrest may be issued and executed.
(b) Client may have to pay the ticket.
(c) The case may be reset (ADDITIONAL ATTORNEY's FEES MAY APPLY)

If CLIENT misses a court date CLIENT authorizes ATTORNEY to enter a no contest plea (nolo contendere) to prevent a warrant from being issued immediately for CLIENT's arrest, or to dispose of the case in any manner ATTORNEY determines best.

CLIENT understands ATTORNEY can only guarantee his/her efforts and cannot guarantee the outcome of any particular case.


“I, CLIENT, hereby designate ATTORNEY, and Associated Counsel, listed in this contract as my true and lawful attorney, in fact as well as in law, and authorize him/her to sign my name to any appearance bond, or other legal document and to acknowledge same before a Notary Public, as fully as if CLIENT signed. Additionally, CLIENT further authorizes attorney, or their representative, to appear in court on CLIENT's behalf in the case(s) wherein CLIENT is charged, or may be charged, as a result of CLIENT's arrest, and to enter a plea of either “guilty”, “no contest”, or “not guilty” on CLIENT's behalf, as ATTORNEY may see fit to file on CLIENT's behalf. CLIENT further gives ATTORNEY express authority to waive CLIENT's appearance at any proceeding with reference to the case(s) and to appear on CLIENT's behalf. CLIENT further waives any right to a jury trial and will give ATTORNEY express authority to enter a plea on CLIENT's behalf, even if that plea negatively affects CLIENT's license, liberty or pecuniary interests.”

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