Occupational Licenses

An occupational license is a special type of restricted license issued to you if your driver's license has been suspended, revoked or denied for certain offenses. 

NOTE: You may still qualify for an occupational license even if your driver's license has been suspended for surcharges.

An occupational license allows you to operate a non-commercial motor vehicle for work, school-related activities, or performance of essential household duties. Requests for an occupational license must be made to the justice of the peace, county or district court where you live or to the court of original jurisdiction where the offense resulting in your loss of license occurred.

If the justice of the peace, county or district court determines your eligible to apply for an occupational license, a court order will be issued.

This order is not the occupational license.

A court order is only the order which authorizes the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to issue the occupational license.

Issuance of an Occupational License

The court order and all required items must be submitted to DPS before an occupational license will be issued.

The court order may be used as a driver license for 30 days from the date of the judge’s signature while the request for an occupational license is processed.

If you want us to help you obtain an occupational license, we need the following items:

A Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate (SR-22).

Payment of the occupational license fee (this differs by jurisdiction - call 214 575 6060 for exact rates) & our fee ($475).

A completed, notarized copy of this form.

An occupational license is typically issued for one year or less; the maximum length of issuance is two years.